Breeders Championship

2019 Breeders Championship Final 

Wondering if you are eligible for our new Breeders Championship?



Thanks to amazing support from our top NZ jumping stallions and a little help from across the ditch we have been able to put together a Prize pool of over $20,000 worth of Stallion Service Fees. 


The prize pool is truly outstanding and we will announce and profile each of these top stallions over the next few weeks on social media.


First prize is the first pick of the stallion services, second prize second pick, third prize third pick, down to 10th place!  With a special award for the leading mare.



The exciting class will be held over a course set at 1.20m.  Horses will qualify to compete in what will be a very exciting final. 


The class is restricted to horses who have not placed over 1.30m in their lifetime with the exception of 7 year old horses.  Their is no age restriction on entries.  To have your entry accepted the horse competing will need to have at least the horses Sire, Dam and sire of Dam listed on their ESNZ profile.


We hope that one day we will see the results of these prizes in competing at World Cup level in the future.