Coming on Sunday 5th of August?
Latest News at Show Jumping Waitemata

Latest News with Show Jumping Waitemata

Coming on Sunday 5th of August?
Emma Buckingham

Coming on Sunday 5th of August?

Competition starts at 9AM sharp in rings 1 & 2 and 10am in ring 3 so please be ready if you are in the first classes.

For those of you who are attending one of our events or even Show Jumping for the first time we have included a bit of extra information to help you feel at home….


If you have entered online thank you!  Online entries will remain open HERE until Saturday evening or you can enter on the day. 


At our winter training days, we have one course for the entire day.  You will be welcome to walk your course before 9AM or in between classes while the jump heights are being adjusted.  While a class is underway you cannot walk the course, however if you see a rail fall we really appreciate your assistance to put the jump back up so don’t be afraid to help out.  We also love assistance to put the jumps up in between rounds.


YARDS - are available for use but need to be booked at the office.  Please do not just help youself.


We run all our classes in Blackboard order. This means that you come along and put your name on the blackboard at a number that is available and suits you. If there are a lot of gaps on the blackboard you turn may come quicker than you think so please be ready.   


Warming up - we strongly encourage you to read this excellent artice writtern by Amanda Wilson.  We have seen far to many riders behaving poory in the practice arena and hope reading this will increase riders knowelge of how and when to warm up.  


All classes are scheduled to run as two phase competitions.  A two phase class is just as it says first round and jump-off combined.  If you jump clear in the first phase continue on and do the jump off phase.  The judges will ring the bell if you have occured faults in the first phase siginallying for you to stop and leave the arena.  


Please all cars not attached to a float are to be parked outside the main gate or on the grass area by the toilet.  Trucks and floats please try to park as close as possible so we can fit you all in.  This is very important.


As always the kisok will be open for food and drinks.

We look forward to seeing you all on Sunday!

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